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Compassionate Criminal Defense For Juveniles

If your child is facing a criminal charge, contact our juvenile defense lawyer immediately. Children convicted of a crime can face heavy fines, time in juvenile detention and a blemished record. Juvenile defense is a specialized area of the law that not all attorneys practice. Do not let your child's mistake affect their future, speak with our law firm today.court house

The Muñiz-Monroy Law Firm is a compassionate advocate for juvenile law and has over 22 years of experience fighting criminal charges. Our proven criminal defense lawyer has represented over 5,000 cases and is a former Assistant City Attorney for the City of Houston, Criminal Division. Lawyer Marjorie Muñiz has a strong relationship with the Houston courts, judges and district attorneys.

A Qualified Texas Attorney For Juvenile Criminal Charges

There is no such thing as a juvenile offense that will not affect your child's future. Any criminal charge can limit your child's choice of higher education and his or her ability to serve in the military. Our law firm can help you with all aspects of a juvenile case, such as working with the police and expunging crimes from your child's record. We have a successful record of creating deferred prosecution agreements that allow for the dismissal of your child's case.

We can fight many criminal charges for children, including:

  • Shoplifting and theft
  • Marijuana and drug charges
  • Assault and battery
  • Traffic violations
  • Illegal firearms

Minors In Possession Of Alcohol

If a person under the age of 21 consumes or possesses alcohol they can face a minor in possession (M.I.P) charge. An M.I.P. can result in a fine, community service, alcohol awareness classes and a driver's license suspension. Multiple M.I.P. charges increase the fine and can even lead to juvenile detention. Your minor may face a DWI and an M.I.P. charge if their blood alcohol content is above zero percent while driving. Our lawyer can fight these charges and protect your child's rights in the courtroom.

We offer a free consultation to parents whose children are facing criminal charges. Our law firm can review the allegations against your child and present a plan of action for your case. To schedule your confidential evaluation, call 713-226-8911 or send us an email. Se habla español.